From 2009 onwards, we are for students who are not merely memorizing Meeks, but want to learn Science & Mathematics in real spirit .Have love for learning, how rules of physics realy applied to run machines we study in our syllabus, how Chemistry & Physics interrelated , why is mathematics adorned as queen of sciences. They come to know learning once is many fold benefited than memorizing again &again. More over here we do let students have 3-4 days of classes before admission .Our schedule work in synchronized way preparing students for their School/Board first ,with reinforced fundamentals. Then in stage -2 who Do want to go for JEE/NEET/AIIMS etc., are trained for Competitive Exams. Come & see how much fascinating is science & Math.

Address: opp. Universal Books, near DAV Public School, Vikas Nagar, Professor Colony, Una, Himachal Pradesh 174303
Contact no – 7018028121