Location Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir
Benefits Pulled from the full job description

  • Health insurance
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid time off
  • Provident Fund

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Brainstorming new and creative growth strategies
  • Handling research and analysis
  • Identifying the trends and insights and optimizing speed and performance, based on the insights
  • Reading the articles and summarizing the main points
  • Working and thriving in a fast-paced environment and mastering diverse skills
  • Honing strengths and working with global clients to grow with the company
  • Working and learning leadership and developing communication skills

Skill(s) required

  • Strong oral and written English communication skills, along with a desire better
  • MS-Office
  • MS-Excel
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and positive character.
  • Intellectually curious and an independent thinker.
  • A high level of professional maturity and a relentless work ethic.
  • Adaptability to an entrepreneurial culture and start-up work environment.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: ₹320,000.00 – ₹420,000.00 per year


  • Health insurance
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid time off
  • Provident Fund


  • Day shift

Supplemental pay types:

  • Performance bonus


  • Content writing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • total work: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Hindi (Preferred)
  • English (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

Apply now : https://in.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=eeeacac1b751b18a&l=Jammu+and+Kashmir&tk=1hj9n7l93k98r800&from=web&advn=6022739150580387&adid=424107312&ad=-6NYlbfkN0ACmKCsJv_M2B0uttRSCkMy17VEp-GS6y7SUFDC7rY7z6rftK1CdwP041v2A11S13pHa-dyZWNZq7fexk8TRpAAUylHpdtUBw_uQSi_6qvCwvmQQK9FLnlwunRM5RPX0RLRjXWgxtV4zFUN8RGHVl4c6VxNRTDwQFIkw4VZSzHmLXBz_yEy5S6TZKsEsjxtImR_xhZyjlmGce-ou1FaJv8xK1CGVyQY6YSu60PVEAXD05GRqC8QYCrHJjlpLaD-DYob5hmw7eddl8ld718TR6uEHYmpnAm6jJhGAiqJzduCvdCopd_1hOSh_UcM-eP6m0w3lphtFwxxysws9qF4Q6w6JtiW7dgtW-Lr9deDr6HlpUtZVkT7vFah1Tj5va6PJnVx8yE-n67192GETiRvVGiJlIDDySrnGDNVr3wbR_Yt1omRknpbFeh-Cq5v9ggZi3mq_0oyQfJPRekR2zLrRFZQIHDue6_WZIPrjsRIpbWkivkYutiCG0u5r0ayleVmcqY%3D&pub=4a1b367933fd867b19b072952f68dceb&xkcb=SoAt6_M3GpmRcLwHAJ0LbzkdCdPP&xpse=SoDj6_I3GpmnC5QHFZ0JbzkdCdPP&vjs=3