Address: Shop No-1, Ifb Point, Palampur, Palampur – 176061 (Opposite New Bus Stand, Inderpuri Market)

Phone: 79426 82689

Remember the old days when food was cooked fresh for every meal and heated the traditional way? Cakes were baked in sand ovens that seemed quite dangerous too. And rotary phones helped us stay connected with loved ones only if they were accessible and near a phone! Fortunately, all that’s changed. And the reason we enjoy such comforts is because of the introduction of modern electronic devices that have eased our lives.

Electronic Goods Showrooms has improved the quality of our lives tremendously. Himalya Water Solution in Palampur, Palampur is well-known among people in the area. It has received a 3.2 rating. So, don’t struggle in life. Bring home devices that will make your life easy!