We provide you with a one-bedroom flat with a breathtaking Himalayan view.

Room is fully furnished.

Free Wi-Fi, parking, geyser, washing machine, refrigerator, RO connection, an air conditioner, walk-in closet, microwave and a gas stove are the amenities.

Small grocery stores are accessible, and most crucially, Amazon delivers right to your house.

Available from 18th July

Things to do around :1

) The property is 1 km from the Peepal Farm NGO. You can inquire about their volunteer initiatives if you’re interested.

2) Dharamshala is roughly 15 km away.

3) Kangra is around ten km away.

4) Village Kareri is around 30 kilometers which is very popular for treks.

5) The Airport is 3 kilometers away.

6) Nature walks

7) Last but not least, a super friendly and playful dog to walk or play with.

For queries, contact Mr. Sabhay Thakur at 7876624372.

Address: Village Lahlar, post office Ansui, Tehsil Shahpur district Kangra( Himachal Pradesh)

Google locationhttps://maps.google.com/?q=32.183750,76.2395941

Month rent : Rs15000 monthly

6 month rent: Rs 12000 monthly

12 month rent: Rs 10000 monthly

Security deposit : Rs 30000