Simhatel private limited vacancy Announcement

Position: Robotics Engineer

Specialization: Control of autonomous ground vehicle based on visual and sensor data

About Us

SIMHATEL, is startup company by Dr. Amit Shukla, a faculty from IIT Mandi, aims to be the pioneer in Robotics and Industrial Automation, focusing on solving critical industrial problems, efficiently and effectively. We provide cost effective solutions in the areas of preventive maintenance and field services management by combining Robotics, Smart Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

Job Description

A Robotics engineer is needed. He will design, build, and test robotic systems to check and maintain power plants, oil and gas refineries, and manufacturing units safely and efficiently. This may include tasks such as:

• Designing and constructing robotic systems for industrial areas, using sensors, cameras, and other equipment to gather data and identify potential concerns
• Creating control systems and software to operate robotic systems and handle their data
• Developing and maintaining technical documentation, including user manuals and operating instructions
• Participating in site visits to assess industrial facilities’ needs and identify areas where robotic inspection can be used effectively
• Development of proposals and cost estimates for robotic inspection projects
• Communicating with clients and other stakeholders to understand their needs and meet their requirements
• Experience in industrial settings, robotics, control systems, computer vision, AI/ML, and software development.


A graduate degree in robotics/AI, electrical/electronics, mechanical/mechatronics/aerospace engineering, or a related field, and relevant experience in industry and research is essential; a master’s or fresh PhD degree is preferred.

Programming Language: Knowledge of C++ to write low-level code, such as device drivers and real-time control systems, which are crucial for the operation of an autonomous ground vehicle. Python for data analysis, machine learning, and computer vision. Many popular libraries and frameworks for robotics and computer vision, such as ROS, OpenCV, and TensorFlow, have Python interfaces.

In addition to programming languages, there are several other technologies that are commonly used in the development of autonomous ground vehicles. Some of these include:

• Robot Operating System (ROS), Computer Vision (OpenCV and Deep learning)
• Sensor Fusion: Fusion of data coming from LIDAR, cameras, and GPS, to perceive their environment. Sensor fusion algorithms for combining data coming from multiple sensors to create a more accurate and robust understanding of the environment.
• Machine Learning: Machine learning techniques to improve the performance of autonomous ground vehicles. At least one AIML framework like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

To apply Please share your resume at with any other document supporting your work