The Himalayan Region

‘Himalayas’ is the adobe of the snow, where each fresh peak ascended, teaches something. The Himalayas are the silent speakers, who will take you on an altogether parallel adventure of life’s journey, a journey where you will feel the most alive. 

As evidenced by their literature, mythologies, and religions, the Himalayas have held a profound significance for the peoples of South Asia for thousands of years. The vast glaciated heights have enchanted pilgrims from ancient times, leading to its Sanskrit name: Himalaya, from Hima (“snow”) and Alaya (“abode”). India, Nepal, and Bhutan control the majority of the Himalayas, Pakistan and China also claim territory in the region of these mountain ranges. 

In Indian culture, it is revered not only for being heaven in exciting winters and treasure trunk for rare medicinal herbs but as a place where the Gods reside. So, the Himalayas are known as Devatma, which means “God-souled.” Since the beginning of time, the Himalayas have attracted sages, yogis, artists, and philosophers. The mountain range is said to hold divine inspiration and is a popular destination for divinity and spiritual elevation.

However, the people who live in these Himalayan regions face numerous issues that no one in the metro cities is concerned about. The youth are currently dissatisfied because they are unable to find suitable job opportunities, educational hubs, or exposure here. So, they’ve begun to migrate to densely populated cities.

What is Himalayas Digital Initiative & Platform?

PulsePlay Digital Private Limited, a digital, creative, and technology company based in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh has launched an initiative to help people living in the Himalayan region by bringing an easy to search, list, connect and network information online platform that may provide opportunities 

  • To share information on various topics

  • Post jobs

  • Search jobsList their businesses and reach more customers

  • Find customers to sell farm organic produce

  • Find customers for craftsmen and artisans

  • Receive updates on local events and opportunities

The website is where anyone can register and search for local listing information. This is in a beta version currently and a soft launch has been done on 29th April 2022 on the occasion of PulsePlay Digital’s first year of open for business celebrations. 

 Currently, this platform is being tested in Dharamshala, Kangra, and will be soon launched state-wide in Himachal Pradesh after further feedback is received and updates are made to the platform.

Why #HimalayasDigital?
PulsePlay Digital team surveyed and asked a few people about what they would expect from a Digital Platform, in Himachal Pradesh and the wider Himalayan region, 

Here are some of the glimpses of the survey

A student’s perspective:

In this photo, Nikhil (Intern of PulsePlay Digital) is interviewing Mr. Shivanshu Masand, a student at the Central University of Himachal Pradesh, in Dharamshala, who is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc.)

A business owner’s perspective:

Here Urmi Sharma, Intern at PulsePlay Digital, is seen interviewing Shri. Manjeet Kumar, a storekeeper, named ‘In N Out’, near Petrol Pump, in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. 

A charitable organization’s perspective:

Here Shiwangi Rustagi, Content Writer from PulsePlay Digital Team, is interviewing Ms. Veronica of Dar Animals, Rakkar, Himachal Pradesh. The Dar Animals is an NGO for dogs. This NGO works tirelessly for providing better living conditions for the strays. The team comprises vets, and caretakers who genuinely love dogs and treat them with utmost care and compassion.