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  1. Introduction of CII – MCM Skill Institute.
  2. Who is Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan.
  3. About Courses.
  4. Advisory Council.
  5. Vision and Mission.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. FAQ.
  8. References.

1. CII-Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan Trust Multi Skill Training Institute:

If we talk about this Skill Training Institute, this charitable trust was established in 1972, by the late Chief Justice of India, Dr. Mehr Chand Mahajan ji. He worked on how to always move people forward socially, and economically, and how to secure their social welfare. He believed in empowering the less fortunate sections of the society. Currently, the institute is working towards its goals. This institute is located in Khanyara-a beautiful place near Dharamshala, District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh.

2. Who is Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan:

  • Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan’s contributions to Indian history are well-known and respected, given his work towards the social welfare of the Indian people and his enthusiastic engagement in charitable activities.
  • He was born on December 23, 1889, at Tika Nagrota in the Kangra district of Punjab, British India (Now In Himachal Pradesh). In 1912 he obtained an LL.B. degree from a government college in Lahore. After that in 1913 he started his lawyer career in Dharamshala. He continued practicing law in Lahore (1918 to 1947). He was also the Prime Minister of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir during the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh. He was also the 3rd Chief Justice of India. He was one of the first Judges of the Supreme Court of independent India from 4 October 1948 to 3 January 1954 and died on 11th December 1967. 

3. About the Courses: 

CII-MCM trust is a multi-skilled training institute doing very well and at an advanced level in Kangra district toward skilled development. The MCM trust signed a MoU with CII for the establishment of a Multi Skill Center with state-of-the-art infrastructure and curriculum to empower the youth of Kangra District.

The institute provides high-demand skills required in the industry:

  1. Electrical Technician.
  2. Information technology.
  3. Beauty and Wellness.
  4. Stitching and Tailoring.
  5. Tourism and Hospitality.
  6. Food Service.
  7. Food Production.
  8. Bakery.
  9. Trekking Guide.

The effort of this institute is to train the young youth of Himachal and Kangra and get them settled in the best to best areas. A total of 100 female students are currently being provided free vocational training in the job role of assistant hair stylist certified by the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skills Council. Over 500 + women benefit from the vocational development programs as well as other welfare schemes. Many young youth are being prepared on how to operate JCB vehicles, how to use them, and also provide proper guidance from MCM’s highly skilled professionals.


If we talk about the Advisory Council of MCM trust. These personalities have greatly contributed to taking the country forward and experienced know-how to take the young youth under proper guidance. And this trust considers itself fortunate because it is getting proper guidance from such great and efficient people. 

  •          V. KRISHNAN
  •          CHARANJIT SINGH


  •            MR. VIVEK MAHAJAN
  •            MR. L.P SOODEN
  •            MR. R.C KATOCH


Nowadays, there are very few professionals. And even if there is something, it needs to be fit according to the current industry demand. So, MCM Trust is trying its best from the beginning to fill this gap. Big and small industries have started in hilly states like Himachal Pradesh. And to run these industries well, good and skilled people are needed. Therefore, MCM Trust is educating local youth that they can contribute well, and that is why Trust started world-class skills training for this youth in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. This is the belief that the institute will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Along with this, it will also empower the youth so that they can fulfill their financial needs in the future.

6. Conclusion:

MCM Trust Institute is working towards economic and social empowerment of rural and urban communities through sustainable livelihood opportunities. CII MCM, Khaniyara, is providing the best skill training to the youth so that they can reduce the gap between skilled professionals in local small and big industries.

Along with this, the Institute is also doing a lot of activities including women empowerment, hygiene programs, cow donations, and destitute girl marriage.

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Q.1- Courses Fee Structure. The institute provides Free courses or paid.

Ans: While the majority of the courses are free, some courses have very nominal fees.

Q.2- Courses Started In Which Month.

Ans: Every month some or the other batches start. Please enquire with the Admission office.

Q.3- Location of Institute.

Ans: khanyara, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Q.4- Are hostel facilities available for girls?

Ans: Yes hostel facilities are available.

Q.5- Do you provide certificates?

Ans: Yes, after the successful compilation of the course certificates are awarded. 

References: https://www.mehrchandmahajan.org/